So lately I’ve been finding myself not wanting to do anything, just wanting to sit and watch movies all day. So I decided to set some goals, and I know it’s way late, but also some New Years resolutions:

• Craft at least one thing everyday
• Blog everyday (unless I don’t have any access to Internet for some strange reason)
• Get inspired as often as possible
• Always remember that I am supported by the most important people in my life
• Attempt to get my Etsy shop to soar
• Be more positive about things
• and show people that I can

It’s got quite a few things that are hard for me in it. But I know I can do it if I really put myself to it.

So here’s my challenge to you, set at least three goals you are looking to accomplish this year, and do them. Write them down somewhere where you can see them everyday and remember to do them, and when you get down, look at your list again and say “I can”!

And have a magnificent day 🙂

~Samantha Hathaway


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